Web Server

Web Server - Description

Update: This server has been updated to support the WebSocket protocol. See my Coil Gun page for more information.

This project is the web server this site runs on. I decided to write my own server completely from scratch in C++ rather than to use the existing popular and hip web technologies that young people seem to be crazy about. Using existing technologies is cheating, anyway.

The server is a simple multi-threaded socket server that should work. It can theoretically work with any web content. It runs on a computer in my bedroom at my dad's house.

This server also supports dynamic page generation. A request can be linked to any C++ code on the server side. This is done with a modularized web application system I designed. The Assembler / Simulator project makes use of this -- there is no javascript used in the assembler or simulator.

This server also supports a simple HTML page generation system which allows content for a page to be built by the server from multiple sources (the project list on this site uses this system).

This server supports serving multiple domains -- this server concurrently hosts both my site and my dad's site.

Github source link: WebServerVexal Sourcecode