Web 3.0

Web 3.0 - Description

This project is still in progress


This project was my submission for a Microsoft hackathon. It won the People's Choice Award for best project. It uses my Direct3D11 Game Engine for 3D rendering.

The purpose of Web 3.0 was to revolutionize the internet. Because the project won an award, it probably succeeded in this goal. It took everything you might know about the internet, and transformed some of those things into things you might not know.

The functionality of Web 3.0 is to take the regular 2D internet and make it 3D. It parses webpages and produces a 3D house for each "div" element in the page. These 3D houses are positioned algorithmically in a game world in which the person browsing the web may walk around. The user is also able to blow up the houses with his or her rocket launcher.

This project was intended to be a satire of "app culture" and "hacker culture". The purpose of this project was to use as many buzzwords as possible and combine them with the most ridiculous, impractical idea I could think of. When I presented this project to the judges and the audience at the hackathon, I was informed by the judges that if my career as a programmer did not work out, I could have a great career as a stand-up comedian.

Current Development

I have ceased development on this project because it is stupid.


Cube Picture

This cube is my reward for revolutionizing the internet. It has my name laser-engraved.