VIM Text-Editor Social Networking Addon

VIM Text-Editor Social Networking Addon - Description


I started using VIM, and I have to say, I am loving it. Unfortunately, VIM appears to lack key social integration features upon which I have become dependent. VIM currently works best for lonely coding.

To fix this, I have created a new VIM addon which places a 'like' button at the end of each line of your code. All users added to a project's source control can 'like' code lines, and the total number of 'likes' for each line is visible to all users.

In order to encourage all members of a development team to produce code that is as likeable as possible, machine instructions generated by the compiler from lines of code which have received a significantly lower number of likes than the average for the project will be skipped when executing the program.

I am also working on GPS integration for VIM -- when writing a new line of code, your current location will be posted next to the line. As well, I am working on new privacy settings for each code line, so you can choose to have certain lines of your code base only be visible to close friends.

The only caveat with this system is that because of developers' tendency to become enamored with 'likes', in testing I have found that contributors will often delete lines of code written by other contributors when their lines get more 'likes'. To keep things fair and even for everyone, I had to disable the 'backspace' and 'delete' key within VIM for all users, as well as the ability to delete lines of code from your project once they are written.

Here is a screenshot of the current prototype. Feed back is always appreciated. I am proud to be part of the passionate community effort to finally turn VIM into a usable piece of software.