Physics Sandbox

Physics Sandbox - Description

This project is a 2D rigid body simulation for arbitrarily-shaped 2D objects. The user is able to select an object type from a list of pre-defined types and specify some parameters such as mass. The object can then be created in the simulation, which when activated, will run and render the simulation in 2D.

The user can use the sliders at the side of the screen to adjust the simulation parameters in real-time while the simulation is running. The user can also create and delete objects while it is running.

The user also has the option to select existing object and connect them with springs. The user may select the basic parameters for the spring. The black lines in the image to the right show the objects constrained by spring connections.

This project was my first working simulation of rigi-body physics that included torque and objects that were not circles. Previous simulations I wrote worked with circles only. The simulation does not account for resting contact and does not attempt to correct for penetration during collision.

2006 - Junior year of highschool.

JAR executable download link: (insert link here)

Physics Sandbox

Physics sandbox application written in Java.