Intellij Facebook Integration

Intellij Facebook Integration - Description


Having used Intellij at work for over a year now, I've found that one of the most difficult things to do is share code with coworkers that is currently in progress. That is why I've created a plugin for Intellij that posts selected code to Facebook (as well as my company's internal social feed).

The user can select a block of code, right click, and click "Post To Facebook". The selected code is shared as a Facebook status update on the user's profile.

If the shared code post gets a comment, the comment will pop up as a notification in Intellij. If the shared post gets a 'like', a notification will pop up in Intellij telling the user their code is good. If the shared post gets a liked removed, a notification in Intellij pops up designating so. If someone comments on the code share post any phrase with the words, "sucks", "bad", "terrible", or "agile development practices", an IDE error pops up in Intellij notifying the user. An arbitrary number of shared posts can be tracked by the Intellij plugin at any time.

I will upload the code to this to my github in the near future.

Intellij Share Menu

Intellij Facebook Menu

Right-clicking on a selected block of code brings up access to the share menu. Indeed Feed is my company's ( internal social network.

Resulting Facebook Post

Intellij Facebook Post

This is an example of a resulting facebook post from sharing a code block.

Intellij Response To Post Comment

Intellij Facebook Comment

In this instance, I posted the comment, "It pops up a notification in intellij when a comment or like is added for the post" to the Facebook code post. The comment is displayed in intellij, along with a brief snippet of the original code that was posted, in this case, "public void run() { for final SharedB..."

Intellij Response To Facebook Like

Intellij Facebook Like

Intellij pops up a notification upon a user liking a shared code post, as well as compliments the user for being a likeable person to increase productivity through positive reinforcement.

Intellij Response To Removing Facebook Like

Intellij Facebook Like

Intellij pops up a notification upon a user removing a like on a shared code post, and then insults the user to try and motivate the user to be unhappy until they stop being a terrible programmer. Unhappiness is motivation for success; Intellij is source of unhappiness; Intellij is source of success.