Green Gatorade Refrigerator Detection System

Green Gatorade Refrigerator Detection System


The purpose of this project is to make it so that everytime the kitchen staff add a new bottle of green gatorade to the cafeteria refrigerator at my work office, the system automatically sends me, and anyone else interested, an email notifying them of such occurrence.

This was necessary to do because of the wide-spread belief that the original green gatorade (lemon-lime) is the best flavor of gatorade. Back in the original ages of time, the only flavor of gatorade was green. It should have stayed that way. But it didn't. The bottles of green gatorade go quickly at work, and usually Darren gets to them before I do.

For a hackathon project at work, I created a system which uses cameras and computer vision to detect when a bottle of green gatorade has been placed into the refrigerator. I wrote a program utilizing the OpenCV library which detects the unique characters of the green lemon-lime gatorade bottle, and then sends an email to everyone who has signed up to receive notifications. The program is sensitive enough that it is able to filter out and ignore the bad flavors of gatorade, such as orange -- it also successfully ignores other drinks -- even those with similar color and shape.

Signing up for the email notification list is done through another webapp I created. To make things more interesting for everybody, anyone is able to put anyone's work email address in the sign up form.

Because I was unable to convince the office IT department to install a camera in the refrigerators, this was accomplished by leaving my laptop in the refrigerator and using its webcam.

This is a video of me demonstrating this system to the company.